Who is Voice to CRM for?

Voice to CRM is a tool that is best served for external staff.  Whether these people are your top producing road warriors or your account managers who are checking in on existing clients, enabling these employees to simply speak their notes via a voice to CRM solution ensures they focus on what they do best while ensuring the organization retains that vital client information.

Dial-A-Note is the only voice to CRM solution that adapts to your sales process and enables your organization to capture accurate client data, faster and at a lower cost.  Dial-A-Note reduces the administrative burden on your sales force while increasing note accuracy and selling productivity! Dial-A-Note is a powerful tool that is best suited for organizations that can relate to two or more of the following:

  • Have 10+ external sales people
  • Capturing client data is important
  • Looking to reduce the administrative burden on the rainmakers
  • Road warriors have 5+ external meetings each week
  • Previously tried voice to text solutions that were not delivering
  • Current client data accuracy and governance is an ongoing challenge
  • Would like to increase communication between sales and other depts.

Want to learn more about voice to CRM?  Check out our How It Works page and Capabilities.

Dial-A-Note is a voice to CRM solution that is a job satisfaction enhancer that reduces costs and increases productivity. Think Dial-A-Note may be a fit for your team? We’d love to hear from you! Call Us at (888) 788-8022 or Contact Us so we can tell you more about Dial-A-Note’s pilot program.