What is Voice to CRM

The idea of voice to CRM is simple. You dictate to your phone then the audio file is processed and the information is placed into your CRM.

Dial-A-Note is the first voice to CRM solution that combines technology and intelligence to ensure that the fields within your CRM are accurately populated. Dial-A-Note works with all CRM systems, even internally built systems. So no matter your CRM, Dial-A-Note’s voice to CRM solution can work for you! Even customized fields and entries that require multiple screens to be populated are completed accurately. No need to worry about misspelled client names or products discussed — the combined technology with intelligence created the most accurate voice to CRM solution on the market.

Want to learn more about voice to CRM?  Check out our How It Works page and Capabilities.  Think Dial-A-Note may be fit for your sales team? We’d love to hear from you! Call Us at 888-788-8022 or Contact Us so we can tell you more about Dial-A-Note’s pilot program!