“Dial-A-Note is the most efficient tool we have to record accurate and timely data.”
“We found it to be an excellent communication tool, it gives us the ability to add information in a much more timely fashion, when it is fresh in his mind. And with much more detail. It gives me more quality information to follow up with FA’s on.”
“You guys-gals, are the best!”
“Wholesalers who have adopted this service and made slight changes to their record keeping have reported dramatic reductions in the amount of time they spend preparing their call and expense reports from 2–3 hours a week to less than 30 minutes. We also see that the completeness, accuracy, and improved coordination with your internals is paying off.”
“You guys are the best!”
“Note length went up for every sales person, from +200% to over +1000%”
“Dial-A-Note has been a helpful new tool for me. It’s particularly good for a quick note right after 1–on–1 meeting with FA…”
“You are all so awesome to handle our crazy requests.”
“Thanks for all of the input, the details, the follow-up. It is a true pleasure.”
“The service is efficient, effective, and necessary to the demands of my busy schedule.”
"This is going to save me so much time.”
“Verbal call reports take 85% less time than typed.”
“Even customized fields and entries that require multiple screens to be populated are completed accurately.”
“Thank you so much! You caught my screw up lol”
“Really enjoying working with you guys! You have been very prompt & helpful – awesome service”
“Great follow up! Thanks and I look forward to working with you more in the future!”
“A job-satisfaction enhancer that reduces costs and increases productivity. It’s a no-brainer.”
“Previously the organization was only capturing 500 activities a week from a sales team of 100 road warriors. After Dial-A-Note we were capturing over 1,500 notes a week and had eliminated any excuse for entry. The results were amazing!”
“Dial-A-Note is the most efficient tool we have to record accurate and timely data.”
“I reminded ‘K’ to inquire about an advisor’s upcoming wedding. I never would have had data like that before Dial-A-Note.”