Our Buy-it-Forward Pledge

In 2000, well before the “Corporate Social Responsibility” trend emerged, the founders of Civicom (Dial-A-Note) committed the new company to giving 5-10% of profits to worthy causes. They wanted to combine the pursuit of business success with helping people. By making it explicit and permanent, they embedded the principle into the DNA of the company.

This is not just “CSR.” A commitment of 5-10% goes well beyond the usual token corporate contribution. More importantly, it wasn’t designed to be a marketing ploy; it’s more about who we are than something we’re doing — a part of the root structure of the tree we wanted to grow, not a grafted-in branch.

Our goal is to supplement corporate donations with matched employee donations to reach the gold standard of 10% of profits. This specific instance of “Buy-it-Forward” is rooted in the age-old principle of a “tithe”, or tenth. It applies an idea historically embraced by individuals, to a company.

Over time we discovered other “Buy-it-Forward” companies and came to believe that as a unified concept these companies have set forth a model that could powerfully engage corporations in helping make the world a better place in more significant and authentic ways. This idea is not without controversy. Read more here www.buyforward.org

 Most of Civicom’s donations go to “Feathers” www.feathersproject.org. Feathers uses technology to connect distant families and allow direct charity to happen. Corporate volunteer stewards vet family recipients and ensure integrity in the process.



Connecting distant families to allow direct charity to happen.

Feathers is charity, done in a new way.

With the use of technology, startup non-profit organization, Feathers, is revolutionizing the way people do charity. With Feathers, sponsors from all over the world and beneficiaries from a developing country can now be connected online in a virtual meeting, via a web conference. This virtual meeting enables donors and their sponsored family to learn more about each other — allowing natural human connection to occur during the process.

This innovative interaction between donors and beneficiaries is what makes Feathers truly unique. Sponsorship through Feathers does not only allow donors to help the less-fortunate, but also allows them to learn about other cultures, the spirit of giving, and a foreign land, all in one experience without leaving their own home or incurring any travel expenses.

Accurate English subtitled videos and an eloquent interpreter are always available at each virtual meeting to ensure a more meaningful engagement and experience between both parties.


How It Works
  1. FIND — The process starts with a Feathers Advocate whose job is to find a family in dire financial pain. On average, families that we have helped only earns a household income of $5.00 to $8.00 a week.
  2. CONNECT — The next step is to find a donor – you. Then Feathers will facilitate the virtual meeting. It is called a “Feathers Ceremony”. This usually lasts 30 to 45 minutes.
  3. 100% TRANSFER — After the Feathers Ceremony, we will facilitate the 100% transfer of donation directly to the Beneficiary family — no overhead or administrative fees. This is made possible by the contributions of Civicom and TeamSpan. These “Buy-it-Forward” companies deserve your support!
  4. UPDATE — The donor will receive bi-annual updates about their Beneficiary family via email. Optional follow-up virtual or in-person meetings can be scheduled upon donor’s request as well.


Why Sponsor a Family Through Feathers?
  • Innovative Human Connection — With Feathers, you’ll “meet” your Beneficiary family and they’ll meet you, through a virtual meeting. There, you’ll be able to spend about 20 minutes in a video session getting to know more about the family you support.
  • 100% Donation — Your $45.00 donation for 18 months will go directly to your Beneficiary family — 100%. No overhead or transaction fees. This $45.00 monthly assistance is given to them in cash via a cash card. This donation will already enable a less-fortunate family to improve their life. Check out the survey we’ve recently conducted to see how Feathers’ financial assistance program have impacted the lives of our Beneficiaries.
  • Stewardship — Employee volunteer stewards from Civicom and TeamSpan help us “cut the deck,” making sure each Beneficiary family we help is in fact worthy, and that promised donations are relayed in full.


Not Ready to Sponsor a Family Yet?

You can still help us achieve our mission to help the poorest of the poor through one-time or monthly individual or corporate donations.

With Feathers, technology is used to overcome obstacles of distance for a good cause. Call Feathers at +1-203-413-2425, schedule a Ceremony, and experience the new way of doing charity.

Feathers Project is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (Tax ID Number: 47-5431677). Your donation is tax-deductible as allowed by law.

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