How It Works

How Dial-A-Note Works
Sales Professional

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    Do what you do best: Sell

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    Speak your meeting notes to Dial-A-Note

That’s it!

The key to Dial-A-Note’s success is simplicity.  Just call a toll-free number, or open the app, and speak your meeting notes – no prompts, no commands, just speak.  You can even send pictures of business cards, receipts, handwritten notes and attendee lists to Dial-A-Note and we’ll take care of the data entry.

Due to the service’s ease of use there is virtually zero training required. If you forget to speak a key piece of client data, we’ll follow up with you and request the information.  In other words, you don’t have to worry about making a mistake.  We take care of everything so you can take care of your opportunities and clients. Here are just a few items we can take care of on your behalf:

But don’t take our word for it, here are what Dial-A-Note users are saying:

“The service is extremely useful in our daily activities, especially while collecting all information and specific activities related to a specific contact. As a sales person, it is crucial to know the client that you are going to call or meet and, especially when you’re outside the office, having a full overview in salesforce is very useful.”
“I would cry if I had to go back to entering them the old way”
“Because it [Dial-A-Note] is so quick to record a voice note I get round to capturing my meeting information much sooner so I don’t miss some info which I inevitably did when leaving the written notes to the end of the week or later prior to Dial-A-Note.”
“Dial-A-Note is the most efficient tool we have to record accurate and timely data.”
“Dial a Note has allowed me to do meeting reports everywhere –  on the road, at the office. It is easy to use and is saving me a lot of time (3 hour a week on average).”
“It saves a massive amount of time!  Typing up notes is a thing of the past”

How Dial-A-Note Works
Sales Management/Operations

User records meeting data
Data is captured and Organized
Info deposited into CRM
Follow Up Items
Meeting Notes
Profile Updates
Future Appts.
Literature Requests
Market Segmentation
After the sales professional submits their information, behind the scenes, Dial-A-Note organizes the data and deposits the information into your systems/fields.  Drop down boxes, check boxes, multi-selection fields are no problem for Dial-A-Note.  A dedicated Dial-A-Note team works with you and your sales team on a daily basis to ensure all entries are complete and accurate.  Dial-A-Note even provides regular reporting and summaries tailored to your organization’s objectives.  Here is a sample submission to illustrate the power of Dial-A-Note and the data capture that followed:

SAMPLE Dial-A-Note Entry

On Oct 21st I met with John Smith from Civicom in Greenwich, CT. He was previously at the Port Chester location. Need to update his profile. John uses a tremendous of amount of our competitor's Product A. He said his clients like the perceived lower risk of the competitor's product so I compared our Product X to competitor's Product A. He was pleasantly surprised and liked what he saw! He agreed to schedule an informational seminar with his clients on November 1st at 6 PM ET to learn more about our product. I told him we'd create a digital invitation and provide a link to the training site to email off to his clients along with our product comparison one-pager. John is hosting a bonfire/hayride tomorrow night for his 4th grade daughter and 12 of her friends. Told him I'd be thinking of him! Follow up for internal - send John the link to the training site and sample invite. Dial-A-Note, please send the one-pager competitive comparison sheet. Thanks!


  1. Activity entered with details including product tagging and competitor tracking.
  2. Profile updated changed John Smith's location from Greenwich, CT to Port Chester, NY.
  3. Future appt. created client event posted to CRM calendar Nov. 1st at 6PM ET.
  4. Follow up action item added for internal to send training site and sample invite.
  5. Literature sent — Competitive Comparison.


How do I set Dial-A-Note up at my company?

Launching Dial-A-Note is easier than you think. There is no technical programming or time required from your IT staff – all we need is user access to your CRM. Most clients tell us it takes them about 30 minutes to get Dial-A-Note up and running!

Prior to launching the service, Dial-A-Note will work with you to understand your sales process, data, and CRM workflow. We will go through a one-page launch checklist to ensure all scenarios are covered. Dial-A-Note will then map out the data flow to ensure accuracy and efficiency.  You also don’t have to worry about capacity issues.  We will benchmark your organization against our existing clients to determine your baseline capacity needs and as your sales team grows, Dial-A-Note grows with you – add resources as activity volume increases.

Beyond activity entry, Dial-A-Note can help you manage data in other areas.  Examples:

“Now, more of the sales team’s time is spent talking with clients, which benefits their client and the company. It is rare to find such win-win scenarios.”
— Top 5 Largest Global Consultant
Dial-A-Note is a job–satisfaction enhancer that reduces costs and increases productivity. It’s a no-brainer.