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Serving 5,000+ sales professionals from firms with over $700 billion in total market capitalization, Dial-A-Note is the premiere voice to CRM solution. Salespeople simply dictate and Dial-A-Note deposits the information directly into your CRM. Drop down menus, check boxes and other unique fields are quickly filled out. Dial-A-Note is the first voice to CRM solution that combines technology and intelligence, ensuring meeting note entry is fast, accurate and complete.


How Dial-A-Note Works

With one quick tap your meeting notes, opportunities, expense items, and follow up action items are entered so you have time to focus on what's important – selling! Finally, managers, sales teams and road warriors can increase CRM adoption and sales force effectiveness all while reducing the administrative burden on those selling.

What We Do

Dial-A-Note is the premiere voice to CRM solution that adapts to your sales process and enables your organization to capture accurate client data, faster and at a lower cost!

Increase CRM Adoption

Dial-A-Note clients can enjoy 80 to 100% note entry adoption rates while reducing the administrative burden on the sales professionals.

Less Costly Meeting Data

Are you still asking your $100K+/year employees to complete data entry tasks? There is a better way.


Dial-A-Note modifies its data capturing process to match your organization's CRM fields. Dial-A-Note will work with any system — even internally built systems!

Accurate Reports and Metrics

Dial-A-Note enables sales teams to speak their meeting notes immediately after each meeting while they are fresh in their mind so no data is lost.


Dial-A-Note can take care of entering follow-up tasks, opportunities, expense items, profile modifications, and more.

Type Less, Sell More

Dial-A-Note takes away this administrative burden and lets your sales force focus on what it's paid to do — increase your company's profits!

Client Testimonials

I am sold. This service has saved a ton of time. Thanks to all who helped set it up. The Dial-A-Note folks are great to work with too. They are quick to email questions if there’s any grey area in the dictations.

— Top Producer at a large financial organization

We found it to be an excellent communication tool, it gives us the ability to add information in a much more timely fashion, when it is fresh in his mind. And with much more detail. It gives me more quality information to follow up with FA’s on.

— Leading sell-side research firm

“It saves a massive amount of time! Typing up notes is a thing of the past”

— User from Co awarded Best Places to Work in Asset Management

“Our ability to measure and analyze the sales team’s activity and effectiveness has never been better.”

— Top Asset Management Firm ($5 trillion AUM)

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